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Artist Statement

          I am drawn to the stories behind people, the landscape and our heritage. My photographs are inspired by my experiences, cultural history and local legends. A theme in my work is life itself; how things change and how they stay the same. I like to share stories, and to help other people tell theirs. I get a sense of enjoyment in capturing an essential archive in time and feel privileged to be permitted access to the precious moments in people’s lives.


           I enjoy experimenting with photographic techniques and challenge myself to capture images with as few clicks of the shutter as possible. I recently branched from digital into film photography, where this habit became more engrained. As a photographer, I have a lot of tools available to me in processing an image, but my personal enjoyment lies in pursuing the image that doesn’t require manipulation. I aim to crop in the frame as I take the picture and study the light and shade effects for contrast before hitting the shutter.


           I am influenced by the “decisive moment” as captured by Henri Cartier-Bresson and the general view of living in the moment as I photograph. Being behind a lens I feel, can either separate or include me as an artist. Sometimes the lens can be a sort of barrier, separating me from truly being in the moment.  My choice is to experience the important moments in life as part of my photography practice. After all, if I were to spend the whole concert or hiking trip looking through a lens, how much of the experience will be shut out? How many of my senses will be muffled for focus on just one or two? 


           My writing work is another strong influence on my photographic work. It inspires me to take a photojournalist approach to gathering the story and engaging with people and nature.  Everyone and everything has a story to tell, but we are surrounded by noise. I enjoy bringing clarity to those stories, emotions and forms.

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